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Professional Waterproofing Service

M.L. Scott & Sons has been providing waterproofing services in the Cleveland area for over 100 Years. We have the knowledge and experience to do the job right. 


We use a mini-excavator wherever possible. All lawn areas are protected with plywood and plastic. When the job is complete, we make every attempt to leave your property as undisturbed as possible.


We want our customers to know what the waterproofing process is before we begin working. We have great communication with our customers on the job. Here are the steps in our waterproofing process:  

Waterproofing Process

  • M.L. Scott & Sons secures city permits

  • Lay down plastic and plywood to protect lawn and landscaping

  • Excavate to bottom of footer

  • Remove existing drain and storm lines

  • Clean walls

  • Plaster walls and footer using latex and ironite fortified mortar

  • After plaster dries coat walls with foundation tar

  • Install new 4" SDR35 PVC drain tile and storm lines

  • Schedule city inspection before backfilling

  • Backfill with 3/4" washed stone, and top off with approx. 18" of top soil

  • Re-plant landscaping as needed


Serving Western & Southern Cuyahoga County

- Will consider larger projects outside our normal work area -




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